Set Design: Bernice Mulenga

Stylist and Creative Direction: Alia Aluli

Photographer: Zeinab Batchelor

Photography Assistant: Emily Clarke

MUA: Umber Ghauri

Hair: Russie Miessi


Chiara Mottironi

Riyam Salim

Delilah Holliday

"Through this photo series I wanted to pay homage to imagined places of origin, drawing references from Spaghetti Westerns, old Arabic magazines, and my grandmothers living room. This shoot follows three characters expressing their understanding of their own heritage through fragmented reinterpretations of their heritage.

The re-imagination of the Wild West is an aesthetic and imagined world that has always strangely resonated with me growing up. I wanted to honour the films that depicted the open road, to the narration attributed to misfits, and those who teeter outside societal structures and binaries. Growing up in-between two cultures I constantly felt like an outsider; slightly edging between imagined boarders, not knowing how to attribute my identity in a simplified way.'


Words by Alia Aluli

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