Bernice Mulenga is a meme lover and multidisciplinary artist prioritizing in analog processes and is currently based in London. 

Their work centres their community and the experiences of Black people in the UK, this is amplified in Mulenga's ongoing photo series '#friendsonfilm'. With the use of afro-documentary '#friendsonfilm', is an exploration of the ways in which black bodies throughout the diaspora, navigate various spaces. Their work also explores the reoccurring themes surrounding their identity, sexuality, race and Congolese culture.  

Bernice contributes to A Bit Of Everything (ABOE), Pxssy Palace and BBZ collectives.

Bernice has exhibited at Gal-Dem x House Of Vans: “Documenting Living London”, BBZ (2nd birthday) and as of recently at Afropunk Brooklyn and London. Along with being featured in/working with publications such as British Vogue, Editorial Magazine and Basis Magazine.

If you would like to commission Bernice for work use the contact page

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