“Each day I am grateful for having known a love that enables me to embrace death with no fear of incompleteness or lack, with no sense of irredeemable regret. That is a gift you gave. I cherish it; nothing changes its value. It remains precious”

-  All About Love by Bell Hooks

A portrait of a white coffin in a green field. The sky is one big cloud, slightly grey and overcast. the coffin is in the middle, it has 4 handles, one in the front and three on the side. the grass it is laying on is slightly darker than the green behind

Portals, 2018


Volume 1

SEND SUBMISSIONS TO: griefaslovezine@gmail.com


I believe we all have experiences with grief, that are not solely related to death. My own has been heavily through death and along with the shedding that comes with endings of relationships, friendships, my past selves and ooft lets not even get into Covid grief...

Whatever your grief is I want to hear it, feel it and see it. I am now at a place i can move with this grief and channel this pain, love and confusion into something beautiful. I just need your help :)

The first edition as you probably already guessed is titled 'Grief As Love' and I want you to submit!

What can you submit:

* Photo/s
* Poems
*Memes (yes)
* Short essays

* Music: For our playlist

* Video: This will be mentioned in the physical zine but will exist on this page.

Please send work via wetransfer or google drive along with the following in an email:

*Your name
*Age (this won't be published in the zine, I just want to know for data)
*Pronouns (or no pronouns)
*Location (I just wanna be nosy)
* A little about you/the work submitting/short artist statement.

We are accepting submissions globally and there is no age requirement.

If you have any questions you can send an email to: griefaslovezine@gmail.com


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